With a Nike Air Max 97 apology, Lil Nas X hilariously trolls fans.

People are outraged by Lil Nas X’s usage of Satan and other demonic symbols in his “MONTERO” music video, which has gone viral. The Christians on Twitter have been in a shambles for the past several days, and it doesn’t appear like they will be stopping anytime soon. The Illuminati plots are in full gear, and Lil Nas X is relishing every moment of it.
Lil Nas X
His MSCHF x Nike Air Max 97 “Satan’s Shoe” collaboration has also gotten a lot of attention recently, especially because the midsole will include a drop of blood. There are only 666 pairs in existence, and many people are concerned about the curses they will cast. Lil Nas X decided to troll fans with an apology as a result of the criticism.

As you can see, Lil Nas X begins with a genuine tone before cutting to the scenario in his music video in which he seduces the devil. It was the modern-day version of a rickroll, and we’re sure all of his detractors and fellow HNHH commentators are furious.

At this point, Lil Nas X doesn’t seem to care what others have to say, and we don’t expect him to change his mind anytime soon.

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