With a new Hot 100 milestone, Justin Bieber dethrones Drake.

Justin Bieber has officially surpassed Drake as the youngest artist to chart 100 singles on Billboard.

Justin Bieber - One Dance ft. Drake (cover) - YouTube
Drake and Justin Bieber, two of the most financially successful musicians of all time, have played a key part in establishing Canada as a major music powerhouse. Because they are both quite popular, they frequently compete for the same chart positions.
According to Billboard, Justin Bieber, who is 27 years old, is the youngest solo artist in history to have one hundred entries on the Billboard Hot 100 rankings. After Bieber’s Kid LAROI collaborative with “Stay,” which is presently in third place, the milestone was attained. In case you missed it, you can listen to the song right here.

Bieber grabbed the record from Drake, who had it when he was twenty-eight going on twenty-nine years old in 2015. Few musicians have come close to Bieber’s peak phenom status, so one has to question if he will ever see a competition capable of breaking his record. It’s safe to assume that the Canadian pop icon will have this title for a while, at least until the next worldwide superstar steps up to challenge him.
Justin Bieber
Though Bieber is the youngest artist to achieve 100 songs on the Hot 100, there is still a lot of room to cross in terms of overall entries. Billboard has highlighted every artist with a triple-digit number, with Bieber at the bottom with a score of 100. JAY-Z is in front of him with 102 points, Chris Brown has 103, and Kanye West and Elvis Presley have 109 points each. Drake is at the very top of the leaderboard, with a whopping 235 points.
Justin Bieber has reached a new milestone, and we congratulate him! Do you believe he will continue to rise through the ranks?

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