To “The Melodic Blue,” Baby Keem has announced the addition of a Brent Faiyaz feature as well as two new tracks.

The “range brothers” rapper announced the addition of Faiyaz and two previously released tracks to the album through Instagram.

It's Baby Keem Season. Pay Attention. | Complex
Baby Keem has stated that he would be adding a feature from Brent Faiyaz and two previously-released tracks onto The Melodic Blue tonight at midnight, in a move that has been more frequent since Kanye West established the notion of an album as a live, breathing piece of art with The Life of Pablo.
This revelation was made on Baby Keem’s official Instagram page just one day after Billboard reported that the 20-year-old rapper’s debut studio album, The Melodic Blue, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200. The Melodic Blue is fueled by a combination of harsher rap songs (“range brothers” and “family connections” featuring Baby Keem collaborator and cousin Kendrick Lamar) and more melodic, contemplative cuts (“problems” and the project’s final single, “16”) and should deliver even more with this IG announcement.

The addition of Brent Faiyaz is an interesting one, especially on the track “lost souls,” which already features Keem on a slower, synthier instrumental with last-song-at-the-club vibes, but after Faiyaz’ summer release with Drake, “Wasting Time,” it seems that the “Dead Man Walking” singer could be on the rise.
The two extra tunes Keem stated will be included to The Melodic Blue, “hooligan” and “no sense,” have both been out for a while and come with graphics to back them up. There has been no definitive announcement that these additions will constitute a ‘deluxe’ edition of the album, but they are unquestionably a complement to the already-top-five product on Billboard.

Are you going to keep an eye on The Melodic Blue tonight for these new additions? Please let us know in the comments section.

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