“Throbbing Black Billionaire C**k” is the subject of a new song by Azealia Banks, who claims it is about Kanye West.

When you go into the world of Azealia Banks, you should be prepared for all types of shenanigans to take place in front of your eyes. After over a decade in the public eye, the 30-year-old musician has maintained her position as one of the most relevant female rappers today. Because of her nasty outbursts on social media, she has been essentially blacklisted from a portion of the business. She has frequently targeted Lizzo, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. It appears that Azealia also has strong feelings of animosity for Kanye West, which led to confusion among her fans when she began to tease her new track by donning nails that read the billionaire’s name.
The tune, which is titled “Fuck Him All Night,” has been officially published. Because the title implies what it’s about, you should be able to guess what it is about. Some interpreted the song as a dig at her long-time adversary Kanye, although the artist herself insists that “Fuck Him All Night” is not a diss track against the rapper.

“This is about fucking him all day and fucking him all night,” Banks stated of her new song, which features Kanye West as the subject. “This is the story of the throbbing black millionaire cockscrew. Put yourself into it.”
Azealia previously stated that she wished to have a child with Kanye following his divorce from Kim Kardashian West, but she subsequently clarified that she was only kidding and that she was serious about the idea. Do you believe she’s just playing games with you, or do you believe she’s serious about getting with ‘Ye?

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