Summer Walker and Baby Mama from London On Da Track are at it again.

They’ve already traded words on social media, and they’re doing it again.

Despite the internet squabbles and charges leveled at London On Da Track by the moms of his children, he was photographed spending quality time with his daughter, whom he shares with a lady named Eboni. Eboni had previously used social media to express her frustrations with the producer, but their familial connection appears to have altered.

“I’m cryin [pleading face][red heart emoji],” Eboni captioned a video of London playing the piano while their young child looks on.

Summer Walker, London On Da Track, Eboni
Summer Walker, who just gave birth to a child with London, appears to have slipped into the comment area, but afterwards questioned why her post was removed. Summer posted a screenshot of her message, which was surrounded by comments from strangers criticizing Eboni for her previous social media feuds with the singer and London. Some claim that Eboni only acknowledged the producer as a decent parent after the breakup of London and Summer. Summer afterwards seemed to describe it as “sad.”

Eboni reacted after Summer’s screenshot became viral. “Aye Summer, keep off my page and out of my comments, tiny b*tch,” she wrote. “I just said London I don’t mind you, but I see you’re still a S**** Stankin S***.”

Eboni had not yet been completed. “At this point, tiny ass b*tch, you want to be just like me,” she said. “Now you’ve had to baby with my baby daddy, and you’re shouting out the same nonsense I was talking about last year.” London On Da Track is remaining out of harm’s path, as is customary. Take a look at the articles listed below.

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