Pop Smoke’s assassination suspect will not get the death sentence

Corey Walker now faces an unparoleable maximum life sentence.

Pop Smoke
The Daily News stated that a suspect implicated in the Pop Smoke murder discovered that he was not being condemned to death. On Tuesday (6 July), the prosecutors stated that they were not following the 20-year-old Corey Walker death sentence.
“This is not a situation where our office will pursue death,” said Deputy DA Hilary Williams. “But we’re going to want a lot.”
Pop Smoke showed at his Hollywood Airbnb in a preliminary hearing, when a gang of masked robbers attacked the residence with intents to rob the Rolex and the heavy gold chain, which was previously flown by the rapper onInstagram.
He tried to fight back, and a 15-year-old fatally shot him while others kicked him repeatedly on the floor.
Although Pop died from a minor, Walker – the only adult defendant connected in the murder investigation – confessed he took a role in the fatal shooting. An informant he reportedly told himself that he and three others used the crime with gloves, ski masks and a police scanner. He was then indicted for murder and judged entitled to the death sentence because Pop’s killing took place within the theft, but his defense lawyer, Christopher Darden, requested the dismissal. Per Darden only drove his customer into Hollywood’s mansion.
After the arraignment hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors claimed that Walker now faces a life sentence without parole if he’s convicted of the murder of Pop. He is expected back to court tomorrow (7 July), where he will make a formal plea.

The hearing of Walker comes around a month after his family indicated a wish to talk to Audrey Jackson, the mother of Pop. She claimed she was skeptical at the moment, and wanted more time to decide.

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