Mike Dean Assures Worried Fans That He Isn’t Kanye West’s Hostage

Mike Dean says that he is safe and sound, despite allegations that he is being kept captive by a music-crazed Kanye West.

Producer Mike Dean on Working on Beyonce's Lemonade | Billboard | Billboard
Mike Dean has been producing, mixing, and mastering Kanye West’s songs for years, after Yeezy heard Dean’s mix on Scarface’s “Guess Who’s Back” and reached out to him. Since then, he’s worked on the bulk of Ye’s albums, including his personal favorite, Yeezus.
Now, he’s been asked to take care of business behind the scenes for the forthcoming Donda, which is set to hit theaters in early August. Though this wasn’t always the case, since the album was supposed to be released on July 23rd. Dean was left scurrying to mix and master the album in time for its major release, in a turn of events somewhat unlike to the pre-Ye launch of the Surgical Summer.
Mike Dean
Unsurprisingly, Donda was pushed back, giving Mike Dean more time to complete his work. Many admirers were quick to notice that the normally busy producer had gone silent on social media as he jumped right into his job. Soon after, a bizarre story emerged in which Dean was being held captive by Kanye West, to the point that Dean personally addressed the “concerned” parties.
In a deadpan tone, he says, “Thank you for your concern.” In a similar statement, he directly addresses his Twitter followers. “Everything is OK on Twitter,” he claims. “I’m in good shape. I’m at work. And I’m all right.” Of course, this didn’t stop some people from speculating that he was being held at gunpoint — but the internet will do what it wants, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Mike Dean’s comforting letter may be seen below, and you can rest easy knowing that he is safe and sound, doing what he loves. If Kanye sticks to his release timetable, his work on Donda should be available on streaming services in early August. Check out our latest interview with Mike Dean to learn more about the famous producer.

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