MATCHING PRICES Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl refers to her as the “British Pamela Anderson,” believing that she is more attractive than the Love Island contestants.

Carl Woods, Katie Price’s boyfriend, has dubbed her the “British Pamela Anderson” and claims she outshines all of the Love Island females.

The 43-year-old former beauty model recently underwent significant cosmetic surgery in Turkey in an attempt to reclaim her youth.

Carl Woods compared Katie Price to Pamela Anderson
Carl has been sympathetic, but before she went under the knife, he believed she was head and shoulders above every other woman.

According to Closer magazine, he said: “Katie is the epitome of femininity; no one compares to her. She’s the British equivalent of Pamela Anderson, and she outperforms the Love Island contestants in every aspect.”

Pamela Anderson was the quintessential 90s pin-up girl, due to her iconic red bikini from the beach thriller Baywatch.

Her high-profile relationship with Tommy Lee of Motley Crue contributed to her celebrity, and it is the subject of a new drama starring Lily James.

He said the Love Island girls paled in comparison to Katie
He claimed that the Love Island females were nothing compared to Katie.

He is desperate to marry Katie
Carl made a cameo appearance on ITV’s Love Island in 2016 as a bombshell during a speed dating assignment.

He has no regrets about leaving the show solo after five years.

Carl remarked, “I’m pleased I didn’t find love on Love Island.” “It’s fate, I believe, that I was always meant to meet Katie. Whenever we meet a pretty female on the street, I constantly tell her, “She has nothing on you.” With these Love Island gals, I don’t understand the appeal.”

Katie looked unrecognisable after her latest round of plastic surgery
Katie had full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and fat injected into her bottom in her most recent operation, and she now appears unrecognizable, as our exclusive photos show.

She was informed she needed a transfusion when she awoke, but she declined since she was afraid of Covid.

“What the f*** have I done?” the mother of five admitted to wondering.

Carl, who was watching from the operation room, assumed she was dead.

“Honestly, I’ve been through hell and back, it was awful – ‘Oh my God, I look like a monster out of a horror movie,’ Katie told The Sun.

“All I could think was, ‘This is it, I’m going to die.’ I was scared of coming across as a freak, like the Bride of Frankenstein or a phony doll.

“I awoke with stitches and holes all over my body. My nose and eyes appear like they’re covered with cat’s whiskers. But I just want Katie to be as she used to be!”

Katie underwent the surgery three weeks ago and has been recuperating in Turkey before being quarantined in the United Kingdom.

Katie claimed Botox no longer works for her as she has had it so much since 30
She describes herself as a “surgical veteran” after three facelifts and as many liposuction procedures.

She’s lost track of how many breast jobs she’s had – she thinks it’s about 12 — and claims Botox no longer works for her since she’s had it so often since she was 30.

Katie maintained her natural beauty throughout her modeling career, saying, “I never touched my face until I reached 30, so now that I’m 43, I’ll do whatever the heck I want!”

In lockdown, she put on two stones. She also attributes her weight gain and confidence difficulties to hurting both of her feet while on vacation in Turkey last year.

Fiancé Carl — watching in the operating room — feared she was dead

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