Lil Baby Gets Advice From Ben Baller On How To Get A Genuine Patek Philippe

Ben Baller offers advise to Lil Baby and any other rapper interested in purchasing a genuine Patek Phillippe timepiece.

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Rappers have become associated with jewels at this point, with allusions to VVS diamonds, Patek Philippe, Richard Milles, and more peppered throughout their songs. It’s not uncommon to see rap’s greatest performers shell out large sums of money on jewelry, and while it’s become a part of the culture, it’s not without risk.
Those dangers recently surfaced for Lil Baby, who discovered his $400k Patek Phillipe watch was a fake. Despite the fact that the jeweler who sold the item claimed to accept responsibility for the costly blunder, Lil Baby was furious and advised future jewelers not to “fool with him.”
Lil Baby
With the jewelry business placing a greater emphasis on authenticity, Ben Baller took the time to provide some advise to Lil Baby and any other rapper looking to detect a fake. In an interview with TMZ, he says, “Right now in the watch game, in the last eight months.” “It’s grown so expensive that watches are now marked up by 300 to 500 percent. What’s worse is that the Patek Phillippe is so scarce that you’ll have to buy it on the secondary market.”
“However, you still want to work with a respectable individual,” he adds. “It’s hit or miss on 47th Street in New York… What occurred with Gabe, since I know him from Rafellelo, is that if you make one wrong move, the entire street looks awful. It’s difficult to recover from. That was a terrible ruse, guy. When you look at the watch, you think to yourself, “Wow.” It was simply unlucky.”
Ben Baller
He also assures Lil Baby that getting a Patek Phillipe is not on a “list.” He says, “You have to develop a relationship with each Patek Phillippe store.” Authorized dealers, or ADs… You must cultivate ties with reputable dealers. It may sound strange, but you must purchase a watch that you may not like and then flip it. They’ll give you the watch once you’ve established ties with the dealerships. Before the frenzy, I’d been buying Phillipes for maybe six or seven years.”
“I would never purchase a Patek Phillipe from a jeweler,” he concludes, despite the fact that he is a jeweler himself. “I’d get it from a reputable watch vendor.”
TMZ has his wise comments, which you can read below.

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