Kirk Franklin talks on the mount of the rushmore of Gospel about his place on Kanye West.

He also made clear his face, whose only face should be “Mount Rushmore of Gospel.” His “brother” in loud music, Kanye west, was to be given a second in loudspeakers’ praise.

Of course, Kirk Franklin is, if you are familiar with the genre, one of the kings of contemporary music, and so his opinion is widely considered when it comes to sacred achievements. This is why many felt his agreement to write songs more in keeps with its christian values when Kanye West took a step away from secular.

The “stomp” soul law was up to TMZ in order to express an opinion as to obtaining a place on the proverbial Mount Rushmore Of Gospel, or whether West has what it thinks it is one of the best in the genre.

Kirk’s reply might surprise you!

Kirk Franklin Kanye West Mount Rushmore Gospel Music

If you believed Franklin was on his way to shade Kanye against his faith, well, think again! In fact, he shown his GRAMMY-winning music friend nothing more than respect, telling TMZ, “I think that he’s one of the greatest artists of all time.”

With regard to the “Rushmore Mount of the Evangelical” question, the ordered OG said to TMZ, “There should be no Mount Rushmore of the Music of the Evangelical — there should be really only one face on Mount Rushmore of Gospel Music.”

Here is what he said about Kanye West’s ranking in gospel or any gospel artist through TMZ:

“Well, anyone can make gospel music first of all. It’s because music of the Gospel is for every child of God, man. Everyone who thinks that there is a gospel monopoly is very arrogant.”

Peep the love that Kirk Franklin gave to Kanye West below, and let us know in the commentaries below if you can think about other rap artists who could one day move to gospel music:

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