Karen Civil provides an update on Kanye West and Drake’s relationship.

According to Karen Civil, Kanye West and Drake are no longer feuding.

Are Drake and Kanye West Still Feuding?
The Yeezy Season is here. Kanye West is set to release Donda, his ninth studio album, and he debuted the new song “No Child Left Behind” alongside Vory during Tuesday night’s NBA Finals. As we prepare for yet another turbulent launch, the music legend has been making headlines all week, and it appears that another wrinkle has been added to the forthcoming release.
Kanye West and Drake have been battling on and off for the past few years, making petty allusions in their song lyrics. Kanye was working with Drake during his Wyoming studio sessions, promising to provide him a sample that the Certified Lover Boy had fallen in love with, but when the two fell out, ‘Ye unleashed his notorious “poopity scoop” words on “Lift Yourself,” thereby blocking Drake from utilizing the sample.

With Kanye West’s new album Donda set for release at the end of this week, some fans thought that Drake may try to steal the show by launching his highly-anticipated album CLB on the same day, but that isn’t going to happen, according to industry insider Karen Civil.
“They’re now buddies,” the journalist stated on Twitter. “He’s not [dropping on the same day].”

While this isn’t proof that the two are on good terms again, Karen Civil has a solid track record and consistently delivers credible takes. There’s a chance she’s telling the truth if she says Kanye and Drake are buddies again.
Do you think Drake or Kanye will appear on Donda or Certified Lover Boy?

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