For the romantic date, maybe with Amari Bailey’s mother Drake Takes Over Dodger stadium

Drake has amazingly shut down his personal life, but the world can always catch up. As Dana White said that this weekend, the rapper might launch his album, Drake had some moments of calmness when organizing a one-time event for a special daughter of his life, organizing a spectacular meal near the third baseline of the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium.

Without ABC helicopter reporter Chris Cristi flying over Dodger Stadium, we probably would have never knowledge about Drake’s delightful night and taking a few snapshots of the recording artist with a mystery woman. The images show the lover boy with certificate motions, and admirers believe that they have previously photographed the lady.

“When the images start to move online, they had to be Amari Bailey’s mumma,” hundreds of admirers wrote. While much was not confirmed, Drake got spoke with Johanna Leia, the mother of a secondary school basketball player, on the sides of several local matches. His travels to Sierra Canyon might have been two-fold, and he’s been playing for LeBron James backing for his son Bronny on the same squad Amari.
amari bailey and johanna leia
Check out the photos of Drake and his date below. Do you think it looks like Johanna?

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