Drake Discovers a Long-Forgotten Laptop Filled With Legendary Music

After stumbling upon an old laptop, Drake fans are hoping for another “Dark Lanes Demo Tapes” scenario.

Many albums have remained eternally lost to the public with little to no possibility of release. 50 Cent’s Street King Immortal was just revealed as being shelved for good. Relapse 2 is the sequel to Eminem’s Relapse. The original Detox by Dr. Dre. The Glass House of Slaughterhouse.
The list goes on, and many of our favorite musicians are likely to have whole libraries of unreleased music lying on hard drives, waiting to be heard. While it’s doubtful that such artists will ever willingly share something from a bygone era, a diamond in the rough may occasionally slip through the cracks.
At least, that’s what Drake fans are hoping for right now, as the singer reportedly found an old laptop from his Nothing Was The Same album.
Drizzy reached out to 40 with an unusual remark on his Instagram story after sharing a photo of his find. “I’m curious as to what music is playing here,” he jokes. Given that Nothing Was The Same is emblazoned over the Macbook’s cover, we’re looking at a collection that dates back to 2013.
Though it’s doubtful that Drake would reveal any of his finds, it’s still fascinating to speculate on how many unreleased tunes he has. Keep an eye out for any new information that arises as a result of this finding. Meanwhile, let us know whether you’d want to hear some previously unheard Drake work from one of his most adored periods.

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