Drake Claims To Have “Smoked” Tory Lanez In B-Ball, And Lil Durk Adds His Two Cents

Lil Durk wants to go up against Drake and Tory Lanez in a game of basketball.

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Basketball for fun might be just as competitive as rapping. Drake and Tory Lanez have come a long way since their brief dispute, but the friendly rivalry appears to be alive and well, whether in the studio or on the basketball court. A video of Drizzy and Tory playing one-on-one in Miami leaked earlier today, and Drake confessed that his jumper hasn’t improved much since he tried to show out with the Wildcats.

Tory and Drake were arguing about the game’s conclusion in the comments section of an Instagram post. Drake claims he was victorious on the court versus Tory Lanez, who stands at 5’3″. “I smoked these dudes yesterday @torylanez got all buckets on his head top and a game winner and @k showtime you can come to the embassy and have your dog walked too just don’t bring the deezed yout cuz he bails you out,” Drake said.
Tory didn’t deny Drake’s victory, but he did claim that the Certified Lover Boy tried to postpone the game. “I made the opening basket of the game… AND CUZ SAID, ‘Let’s do it tomorrow,'” Tory countered. Despite this, Drake resorted to Instagram to request witness evidence from Young Money head Mack Maine.

Let’s be honest: neither Drake nor Tory Lanez are among hip-top hop’s ten best ballers. Entering a celebrity game over All-Star Weekend may be the closest they’ll ever get to playing professional baseball. Lil Durk, on the other hand, has shown to be extremely capable on the court throughout the years. He’s even been compared to Quavo by some. “Send me the address I’m going to you,” Durk stated in a short comment under Akademiks’ post. Drake and Tory Lanez have yet to respond to Durk’s challenge, but we’ll let you know if they do.

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