Bow Wow thanks late actor AJ Johnson for introducing him to the world.

Johnson was emceeing The Chronic Tour at the time, and he chose a young Bow from the audience to walk up on stage.

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Friends and admirers have paid homage to comedian Anthony “AJ” Johnson on social media as the world waits for information about his tragic passing. We recently reported about Johnson’s death at the age of 55, as well as Ice Cube’s homage to the actor. Johnson is most known for his portrayal as the drug-addicted thief Ezal in the film Friday, but his contributions to the business have been recognized for decades.
For those anticipating the House Party remake, Johnson was famously known as the partygoer with the “follow the drip” Jheri Curl in the first film. Johnson has also appeared in films such as How to Be a Player, Menace to Society, BAPS, Martin, Moesha, and many others.

Bow Wow wanted to share his recollections of Johnson, claiming that he was discovered by the late comic.
“AJ Johnson, may you rest in peace. Thank you, dude, for the comic relief you’ve been providing us [from] Friday through House Party 3 and all in between “Bow said. “A little background about me, including some details regarding the night Snoop and Dre spotted me at a concert in 1993. AJ Johnson was the one who saw me in the audience and chose me to take the stage. During the intermissions, he was The Chronic Tour’s emcee.”
Bow said, “He was the one who pointed me out.” “Daz [Dillinger] eventually tracked me down and led me to the rear. So, I don’t think there would have ever been a Bow Wow if it hadn’t been for AJ Johnson’s eyes and him choosing me out of a throng of 20,000 people in Ohio.”
Following that, the rapper expressed his sympathies to Johnson’s loved one. “You will be sorely missed. You’ll undoubtedly go down as one of the all-time greats.” We continue to extend our heartfelt sympathies. Watch Bow Wow tell his tale in the video below.

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