Boosie & T.I. Get Expert “Response” From Lil Nas X

Boosie and T.I. are bribed by Lil Nas X to give him some additional streams.

Lil Nas X Responds To DaBaby Controversy | HipHopDX
Lil Nas X’s song is currently the most popular in the country, therefore it’s not surprising that some have responded to his success by attempting to tear him down with homophobic insults and hate.
DaBaby took the stage at Rolling Loud on Sunday and revealed his hurtful and uneducated views about those suffering with HIV and AIDS, as well as homosexual males. T.I. attempted to defend himself after receiving well-deserved condemnation for his remarks by dragging Lil Nas X into the debate, who was not addressed during the outburst. If Lil Nas X can live his truth, T.I. believes DaBaby should be allowed to disseminate homophobic remarks. Boosie Badazz also had an opinion on the subject, going live and calling Lil Nas X a homophobic slur before threatening to beat him up if he performed nude, as he has stated he intends to do.

Lil Nas X has officially given a brilliant “reaction” to T.I. and Boosie, luring them into giving him some extra sales support as “INDUSTRY BABY” continues to rule the streaming charts on its approach to a strong debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.
“Negative feedback from my peers typically does not elicit a response from me. However, it was necessary to state this “He shared a fan’s message on Twitter, which included a link to what looks to be a video response to the two rappers. However, after you’ve logged in, you’ll be sent to the “INDUSTRY BABY” video. Lil Nas X has done it again with flawless execution. This guy knows his way around the internet.
We’ll keep you updated on the newest developments in this debate. Lil Nas’ “answer” is embedded below.

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