At the BBC’s Live Lounge, Lil Nas X covers Dolly Parton and performs “Montero” cuts.

Lil Nas X made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in the United Kingdom.

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Lil Nas X is on a meteoric rise that no one else in the rap world can match right now.
Following one of the best album releases in recent memory, a months-long journey that included satanic music videos and halted sneaker drops, multiple jaw-dropping live performances at awards shows, hot lead singles, a triple-threat gold look at the Met Gala, and a convincing pregnancy leading up to the birth of the rapper’s first studio album, Montero, Lil Nas followed in the footsteps of some of the biographies’ most famous biographies.
Lil Nas delved into all parts of his personality, delivering performances suitable for each song, while performing three songs from Montero and gifting us with a rendition of Dolly Parton’s legendary ballad “Jolene.”

Lil Nas brought the energy for “Call Me By Your Name” and “That’s What I Want,” slowed down for an emotional performance of “Dead Right Now,” and tapped back into some country with an impressive “Jolene” rendition, backed by a full band and background singers and dressed all in white with a diamond-encrusted microphone and his signature butterflies scattered on his chains, earrings, and mic stand.
After the announcement that his oldest and most famous track “Old Town Road” had become the most certified song in history by going platinum for the fifteenth time, Lil Nas’ performance, showcasing multiple aspects of his range as an artist, was a step towards cementing his place as an artist, as well as a commercial success.
Montero is having a great first week, and we’d want to hear which songs you’re playing the most. Check out Lil Nas X’s Live Lounge performances below, and tell us which Montero cuts are your favorites in the comments.

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