After making some loud comments, Elton John hits DaBaby with HIV facts.

Following DaBaby’s comments at Rolling Loud, Elton John responds.

It’s almost as though DaBaby entered the Rolling Loud stage with the goal of sabotaging himself. Despite referring to himself as the Live Show Killa since his post-pandemic return to the stage, his performance in Miami this past weekend was just embarrassing. For one thing, he brought out Tory Lanez after Megan Thee Stallion’s set had ended, in what looked to be a deliberate attempt to snub her.

While it was obviously a poor look for DaBaby (and Tory, given he allegedly broke his court order), it was his demand for a reaction that gave both concertgoers and those watching at home pause. DaBaby made some rude and inaccurate statements regarding HIV at one point during the concert before going after the LGBTQ+ community.
Elton John has now joined the debate, despite DaBaby’s attempt at an apology. The famous musician voiced his surprise when he learned of the rapper’s remarks at Rolling Loud. “We were appalled to learn about HIV misinformation and homophobic remarks expressed during a recent DaBaby performance. This encourages stigma and prejudice, which is the exact opposite of what our world requires to combat the AIDS pandemic “Before sharing a five-point thread with HIV information, he wrote.

“Homophobic and HIV misinformation have no place in our society or business,” John said, “and as musicians, we must spread compassion and love for the most marginalized members of our community.” The duty of a musician is to bring people together.”
Take a look at Elton John’s comment below.

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