After a homophobic tirade at Rolling Loud, DaBaby loses a large bag.

After the rapper’s homophobic statements at Rolling Loud, DaBaby’s apparel line with boohooMan has been canceled.

DaBaby arrested on battery charges in Miami after alleged altercation
Because of his ignorant homophobic rant at Rolling Loud this weekend, DaBaby is missing out on money-making opportunities. Less than two months after announcing his clothing line with boohooMan, the fashion retailer has announced that the collection has been canceled and that they will no longer be working with the rapper.
This follows widespread condemnation of DaBaby, who made inappropriate and nasty remarks about the LGBTQ+ community at a music event and humiliated his followers who were HIV+. “If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of the other fatal sexually transmitted illnesses, that’ll kill you in two to three weeks,” he stated during the event. “Put your smartphone light in the air if your pussy smells like water, ladies. Put your cellphone lighter up, if you ain’t sucking dick in the parking lot.”

Because of DaBaby’s outburst, boohooMan announced on Wednesday morning that they would no longer be dealing with him.
The store stated on Instagram, “boohooMAN condemns the use of homophobic terminology and confirms we will no longer be dealing with DaBaby.” “The boohoo Group is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we take pleasure in representing the various clientele we serve throughout the world. We support and stand for the LGBTQ+ community, and we will not allow any type of hate speech or discrimination.”
Dua Lipa also said that she was “horrified” by DaBaby’s diatribe, putting distance between herself and her “Levitating” collaborator. Demi Lovato also released a statement, giving HIV and AIDS facts and tagging DaBaby in her post.

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